Q What should I do if I dispute a decision made about my performance?
A A copy of the OU’s appeal procedure is available from your NIIT Center. Refer to the procedure and follow it as soon as possible to ensure that you do not miss the opportunity to appeal.

Q What happens when I successfully complete my program?
A On successful completion of your program, The Open University will arrange certification. The certificate will have your name, the award, and the OU logo and the date the award was conferred.   You will be invited to attend an awards ceremony organised by your NIIT Center.  You are eligible to join the OU Alumni Association.

Q Where can I find further information about the OU?
A If you have any problems, your first point of contact should always be your NIIT Centre. However, further information is available on-line.  You can access the OU’s website at http://www.open.ac.uk/

Q What kinds of jobs will I get after I get this degree?
A It’s a degree in BSc (Hons) Computing and its Practice enabling the graduates to find jobs in the software development and hardware management around the world.

Q Will there be Professors/ Faculty from the UK University who will come to your Centres to teach some parts of the program?
A The NIIT faculty will be trained on the delivery of the degree program from The Open University. Their skills will also be upgraded on a regular basis. The OU has reviewed our international delivery capability before making a decision to tie up with us.

Q What will be the method of delivery for this program?
A It will be a truly blended methodology, Students study independently and are expected to spend an amount of time weekly reading course materials and taking part in online activities and conferences.  There will be face to face sessions of six hours per week with trained NIIT faculty, which will provide students with active guidance and support.

Q What will I receive when I start the program?
A You will receive completely self-contained materials and as such you will not need to purchase any additional materials (unlike most other university courses).  The materials consist of text books, course materials and other additional materials.

Q Where will I learn?
A At the NIIT centres and through independent study at home.

Q Will it cut down on the time or cost of learning for ME? How?
A YES. Due to the credits that the student will obtain for his / her 2+ years program at NIIT, it is enough that the students do only a top-up program spanning one year.  With respect to cost, since it is a ‘homeland’ program, all the costs of travel and stay in a foreign country, usually required for an international qualification, are avoided.

Q Does NIIT/OU provide any scholarships/ bursaries for this course (the website mentions ‘financial support’ for students?
A The Open University provides scholarships for disadvantaged students in the UK.  You will pay much less for your courses that UK based students and you will pay these fees to your local NIIT center.  You should contact your local center to find out about bursaries/scholarships that may available to you locally.

Q Will it run concurrently with NIIT or after the NIIT program?
A The students will get a provisional admission to The Open University’s degree program, however, the top-up degree program will happen post the successful completion of the NIIT’s program of 2 years or above.

Q Will all the centres in the 6 countries - Bangladesh, Botswana, Ghana, Indonesia, Nigeria and Vietnam offer this program to their students or few of them?
A To begin with, at least one centre in each of these 6 countries will launch this program. This may be extended to more centers in these countries, accompanied by appropriate faculty training.

Q What is the advantage to ME - can I enroll for the program directly or through NIIT only?
A The advantage is that the NIIT students will get credit waivers on the NIIT’s program of 2 year or more. The students always need to register through the local NIIT center for the OU’s degree program. Hence, in these countries, the students cannot enroll directly with the OU.

Q If I were to complete my MMS in say 2008, can I get credits, then?
A Yes.

Q Similarly, if I am based in a country other than the 6 that you have mentioned and am currently pursuing MMS, will I be eligible to take up this program when I move to one of these countries in a year
A It depends on the situation at that time. It is not practical to commit on that right now.

Q Is it that I will gain access to programs of OUW or vice versa or both?
A First of all, this applies to students from the countries covered in the first phase – namely, Bangladesh, Botswana, Ghana, Indonesia, Nigeria and Vietnam. Students with the required eligibility will get a provisional admission to the Degree in BSc (Hons) Computing and its Practice from the OU while enrolling for the NIIT’s program of 2 years or above. There is no other arrangement.  They need to successfully complete the first two years of the NIIT program in order to move on to the top-up program leading up to the OU’s degree, as one would expect in any degree program.

Q What is the duration of the program?
A Every student needs to earn 360 credits in total and it is estimated that this will happen in a period of three and a half years.

Q Do the OU courses follow an academic calendar or can we start the program at any time, like for NIIT courses?
A YES. The top-up admission happens once a year in Jan/ Feb.

Q Do I have to clear IELTS/TOEFL for getting degree and for applying for Post graduate program?
A The OU degree program (from NIIT) is an undergraduate degree in BSc (Hons) Computing and its Practice and there is no such requisite.  However, you need to be confident that you are able to understand and write assignments in English.

Q Will I be in a position to get admission for Post Graduate programs once I get the Graduate degree in OU?
A NIIT has tied-up with the OU for an undergraduate degree program and our commitment to the students joining us will be to honour this.  However, you will graduate with an internationally recognized qualification.  You should not have any difficulty when applying for a postgraduate program elsewhere.

Q What is the exam pattern and when will it be conducted?
A Exams take place in October for 2 of the modules.  One of the courses requires a project to be submitted.

Q Is this program accredited by the local Ministry? If no, is NIIT working towards the same?
A Required local approvals to offer this program in your country have been obtained. Local accreditation process is underway..

Q Who will provide the course material?
A NIIT will supply the materials to you.  However, the materials will be identical to those received by OU students worldwide.

Q Can I do the NIIT/Top-Up part faster than usual?
A The NIIT course portion can be fast-tracked, for which you need to contact your Center Head. OU’s Top-Up portion will follow OU’s academic milestones, and hence will run in the prescribed manner.

Q Can you name few countries, where the University is present / operating?
A The Open University operates in many countries internationally including Hong Kong and Singapore in the Far East, several Arab States, Russia and other Eastern European countries, South Africa, Ethiopia, amongst others.

Q Where can I find information on my program, regulations, and support services?
A You will find this information in your NIIT Center.

Q What should I do if I want to make a complaint?
A Try to deal with any problems or complaints as soon as possible by speaking to your tutor. If the matter cannot be resolved informally, the OU has complaints procedures which you should follow.  These procedures are available from your NIIT Center who will also ask for your feedback at various stages throughout your program.

Q Who is responsible for assessing my performance?
A Your tutor and The Open University are responsible for setting and marking assessments via Examination Boards involving external examiners.

Q What is The Open University (OU) and what are its competitive strengths?
A The Open University (OU) is the United Kingdom's only university dedicated to distance learning.  The advantage of studying with the OU is the high quality of its teaching materials combined with support from your local tutor.

Q What is the name of the program? Is it accredited in Ghana?
A The name of the program is BSc (Honours) Computing and its Practice. The program is accredited by the National Accreditation Board, Ministry of Education, Republic of Ghana.

Q What is the eligibility for this program?
A The student needs to be above the age of 18 years and have undertaken at least 12 years of formal schooling.

Q Which certificate will I be awarded?

The program offers dual certification benefit from two of the world's biggest Institutions:

  • DNIIT (Hons)  from NIIT, India.
  • BSc (Hons) Degree in Computing and its Practice from The Open University, UK.


Q Is the OU’s Degree recognized in the USA? Rest of the world?
A It is internationally accepted.

Q Will students of other career programs be able to take advantage of this UK degree program?

Presently, we have mapped our program (MasterMind Series) we offer internationally with the OU’s top-up program and offered the opportunity to international students in the 6 countries including Ghana. We will look at the feasibility to get other career programs ratified by The Open University in future.



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